How to Draw a Cartoon Crocodile a Step-by-Step Manual

How to Draw A Crocodile

How to Draw a Cartoon Crocodile a Step-by-Step Manual

Crocodiles are some of the most attractive animals in nature! These mighty reptiles rule the lakes and rivers they call home and are a force to be reckoned with. They also have an ancient, dinosaur-like appearance, making them popular animals among nature enthusiasts. They’re even the lead of this guide on how to draw a funny crocodile!

This guide will show how you can quickly draw an enjoyable and exciting design. We’re sure you’ll love what we have in store for you here! So get ready to meet a new reptile friend as you start this fun and easy step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon crocodile in just 6 steps!

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How to Draw a Cartoon Crocodile – let’s get initiated!

Step 1

In this guide on drawing a cartoon crocodile, we will create a funny representation of this famous reptile. This guy is floating underwater and holding his breath. We’ll start this rendering with the head, and you can start by drawing some rounded lines for its cheeks. This will help make it look like you’re holding your breath.

His mouth will be pretty long and drawn with a wavy line. The end of his snout will also be rounded, with some large nostrils sticking out of it. Finish off with sharp, protruding teeth and draw his eyes and facial outlines. With a complete head, we can move on to the next step of the guide!

Step 2

We will persist with this drawing by adding some capes to your funny crocodile drawing. The arms of this crocodile will look similar to those of a genuine crocodile, meaning they will be pretty short and stubby. They will also have some sharp claws. The reference image on the ends will also show you how to position them to make it look like you’re floating on water. Then we can haul on to step 3 of the manual!

Step 3

For this third step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon crocodile, we’ll start drawing more of the crocodile’s body. Once also this will also be drawn to exhibit that it is floating on moisture. To show this, we’ll use many curved and rounded lines to show the body writhing in the water as it floats. We will also outline his belly. This will be a separate section with curved lines running through it to make it look more textured.

Step 4

Before we add some final details to your cartoon crocodile drawing, we first need to finish outlining the body and limbs. We choice do this by drawing the shanks first. These, too, are short and drawn with rounded lines; like the arms, they will have pointed claws on the ends. End by drawing some methods for the tail and rear of the body, and then add minor bumps to the back and tail. That’s it for this step, and then we can haul on to some final points in the next step!

Step 5

We’ll work on some details and finishing touches in this step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon crocodile! As we said in the guide, this crocodile is floating aquatic, and we will offer it in this step. You can draw tiny circular bubbles around you to show that you are holding your breath underwater. We also added some small circles on the crocodile skin to make it look more flaky and textured.

You can even add some extra pieces of your own, and these could contain some background details for the body of moisture you’re floating on. You could do many creative details to create a fun background, so let your creativity flow as you finish it.

Step 6

Time to end off this funny crocodile with some colors! As you can see in our reference image, we used some light greens for the outer parts of the alligator skin and then some yellows for the belly section. These colors help finish off the cartoonish look of this crocodile, and you could use other similar ones if you like how they look. You can also opt for many other colors that you prefer. You can also play around with various artistic tools and media when coloring, as they can help you make the colors look exactly like you like them.

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