What are the benefits of swimming in Athens with lifeguard recertification near me?

Athens with lifeguard recertification near me

Swimming in Athens? I understand that this is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Athens, but the Greek capital is on the sea. Therefore, it is great for swimming with lifeguard training. Below you will find the best places to dive.

Swim in Athens with lifeguard training
The city’s location makes it a great vacation destination, even in the hot summer months. Book a hotel on the coast and head to Athens early to soak up the culture or go shopping early in the morning. Also, when it’s hot, head back to shore and spend the rest of the day under an umbrella on the beach.

Tram 3 or 5 connects the coast with Syntegra Square in the heart of Athens. In this blog you can read which are my favorite beaches. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available on all beaches, of course for a fee. In addition, on some beaches there is the possibility of putting your towel on the sand and enjoying the sun, the sea and the sand for free.

Consider the beach

Deem is a famous beach with sun loungers, umbrellas and a beach bar. It is the first beach where the tram stops, so it is ideal if you do not want to sit for longer than is strictly necessary with lifeguard training. (Tram line 5 from Syntegra stop Deem)

Bolivar Beach Club

Bolivar is the most popular beach bar in Athens now. You pay a ticket to get in, and then you can enjoy sun loungers, umbrellas, and a DJ playing great music throughout the day. Bolivar turns into a real club at night, where well-known foreign DJs regularly play behind the turntable. BolĂ­var website (tram 5 from Syntegra, Calamari stop)


The city of Vouliagmeni is located on the outskirts of Athens and has several well-organized beaches. Some beaches, such as Astir beach, are only accessible for a fee and are frequented by the rich and famous Athenians. Do you want something special? Then go swimming in Lake Vouliagmeni.

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The water of this lake, which has a constant temperature throughout the year, has medicinal properties. You pay a ticket to enter, but you have changing rooms, sun loungers and umbrellas for that. Website Lake Vouliagmeni (Elli Niko metro stop, from there bus 122 to Vouliagmeni).


The seaside town of Louts, also known as Artemis, has a long sandy beach with plenty of eating and drinking options right on the beach with lifeguard training. Some also have sun loungers and umbrellas, which you can use when ordering something to eat or drink. Louisa is very popular with the Greeks themselves, great for a local experience. (Regional Bus from Pelion Areas Bus Station)

On vacation: day at the beach and swimming pools

Is it too cold to swim outside? Then you can go to one of the beautiful pools. In this blog, we recommend the excellent beaches and swimming pools of Beelined.


Dames Beach at Versace is ideal for swimming because there is a clear boundary between the water for swimming and surfing with a line of brightly colored balls. There is also much for children to discover among the stones, such as crabs, crayfish, oysters and shrimp. Bathing shoes are recommended as there may be sharp oysters on the bottom.

Also, while Versace Beach is always beautiful for sunbathing and worth a visit if you want to swim, unfortunately, that’s not an option at low tide. Then there is no water to bathe in, and it is better to drive to the town of Wielding, which is less than ten minutes away.

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