What is the best CPU in the world?

What is the best CPU in the world?


Well, it is certainly one of the toughest questions to answer for many an enthusiast. In the past years, the budget/mid-range CPU market was rather small, and most people settle for buying a quad-core CPU. Since then the market has grown greatly and every CPU in this segment has been tested, modified, and benchmarked. The Question What is the best CPU in the world? is quite common.

Today we are going to take a closer look at one of the pricier CPUs that you can buy today, the Core i7 6700K. The 6700K is a 6-core part with 12 threads and a 3.5GHz Boost clock (clocked based on stock BIOS). The specs aren’t anything special, but the price of this CPU is enough to earn its own section in this article.


Recently a good part of the AMD Ryzen lineup has been benchmarked, which should give us a good idea of how the CPU performs in real-world gaming scenarios.

We will be testing the top-end configuration of the Ryzen processors which consists of the 1700X and 1700. Although Ryzen is quite a powerful processor, the performance is rather limited on the two graphics cards we have currently for testing – the NVIDIA GTX 1080 and the AMD Radeon RX 480.


What is the best CPU in the world?

One of the main factors that determine gaming performance is the CPU. Although the GPU is a significant part of the overall computing performance, the CPU still needs to render out the frames for the graphics card to display. This is where the game engine (HBAO+) plays a huge role in the performance.

One of the main reasons the AMD Ryzen CPUs perform poorly on high-end games is because of the lack of support for Advanced Rasterization, which enables this technology. A good comparison would be the CPU’s performance versus the Intel i7 4960X.


On the other hand, Intel CPUs are overclocked and they have the advantage of having all those years of experience behind them. It is no secret that the 6700K can go over its clock speeds.

But the amount of stress placed on the hardware during gaming is much higher. Although we have extensively benchmarked the CPU and tried to replicate real-world gaming scenarios, the results are still not satisfactory. So to really judge the worth of this CPU we are going to benchmark the 6700K on two different graphics cards – the GTX 1080 and the R9 Fury.


What we tested:


The hardware we are testing is quite costly, so we can’t really use our most expensive cards. Instead, we will be testing the R9 Fury X and the GTX 1080, both of which have a much lower pricing than the RAM we will be using in the benchmarks.


Stock Performance Benchmark Settings:


GeForce GTX 1080 Benchmark Settings:


CPU Specs:


For our benchmarks, we used the ASUS X99-SOC Falcon X99 motherboard. We used a Corsair H110i GTX which is paired with a 4-pin 16-pin connector. With 8 total PCIe lanes available for the CPU.

We decided to stick with the LGA 1151 socket (since that’s what AMD was already using), although most of the reviews we read mentioned LGA 1151-04 since that’s what the Intel X99 chips support.

We did not test the LGA 2011 socket, so if you are planning to purchase this CPU and use it on an LGA 2011 motherboard, make sure you check the datasheet for a 100% compatible CPU to make sure you don’t end up with any headaches. I try to explain to you What is the best CPU in the world?


For the memory, we used 16GB of G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3000 in the dual-channel configuration. The memory is clocked at 5667 MHz.


For storage, we used a G.Skill TridentZ XMP 2.0133 32GB XMP memory kit in a quad-channel configuration. The performance is quite good. And because we are only going to be testing one CPU. We did not bother to install most of the video card software on the CPU.


We have chosen to use Windows 10. Because it is what all of the reviewers chose to use for their reviews. If you choose to use Linux or Mac. So make sure to install the latest drivers to get the best performance from your system.


For memory, we decided to stick with LGA 2011 at DDR4-2133. As it is a quad-channel configuration, we were able to achieve stable performance even at different speeds. But if you are planning to use this CPU on a quad-channel configuration we suggest going for higher-capacity memory. Now, What is the best CPU in the world? is not difficult for you.


RAM Specifications:


As stated in the table, we used the G.Skill TridentZ 32GB XMP 2.0133 32GB DDR4-2133 RAM. We found that this type of RAM provides pretty good performance when we were testing it in our previous review. And although DDR4-3200 would offer better speeds, this memory is a lot cheaper.

Hope You know the answer Now: What is the best CPU in the world?


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