How to become a lifeguard

Become A Lifeguard

Who is the lifeguard (or lifeguard) and what does he do

The lifeguard , also called beach attendant , is the person who watches over all the people present in the pool, sea or even at the lake.
Pay attention that all bathers behave well and do not endanger other people or themselves. Very often, even just to be seen, some play arrogant, challenging the force of the sea… and make others take good fright.
Fortunately, the lifeguard is there to check that everything is going the right way.

And not only that: becoming a lifeguard also means knowing how to intervene in the worst cases. In fact, it can also be called lifeguard assistant, which as for other professions with the word assistant such as the social worker or the flight attendant , means that he gives help , assistance to those who need it.
Those who find themselves in a situation of difficulty or danger , in fact, can count on the indispensable help of the lifeguard! You will have to be a little bit ready for anything, in order to be a perfect lifeguard.

If you like to feel fundamental and that your presence is noticed and desired, becoming a lifeguard is right for you! In fact, the presence of a lifeguard is mandatory in public bathing areas, and there must be more or less 1 every 100 meters.

Course to become a lifeguard: how does it work?

The course to become a lifeguard will last about 100 hours divided as follows: 20 of theory , 50 of practice and another 30 of internship .

But be careful: to become a lifeguard and access the lifeguard training near me course it is not enough to want it and have a great love for the sea. Sure, that’s crucial, but it won’t allow you to pass the test.

Yes, because in order to take the course you will need to pass an eligibility test ! Don’t worry, it will not be anything absurd and impossible, indeed you would certainly be able to overcome it even now. The tests they will subject you to are all practical:

  • Entry into the water from at least 1 meter above sea level
  • Swim for at least 50 meters in crawl style
  • Stay afloat for at least 20 seconds vertically, helping only with the movement of the legs
  • Swim for at least 25 meters breaststroke
  • Retrieval of an object 3 meters deep
  • Swim for at least 25 meters in another style, usually of your choice

If you think about it, these are all things you would already be able to do. You may need a little training and no one is stopping you from taking a few swimming lessons in the pool first, but if you want to become a lifeguard you will surely know how to swim enough.

Small tip: while swimming, try not to drink too much water … you are not a marine sommelier .

Once you have entered the course, you will study all the rescue , resuscitation and first aid techniques for the most critical situations. In addition, you will be trained in meteorology , hygiene and ecology .

Last but not least will be all the part related to the bathing ordinances! Just as a real estate agent knows all the laws related to houses and real estate, for you the rules related to the beach and bathing will have no more secrets!

Requirements to become a lifeguard

Basically anyone could become a lifeguard, or nearly so. You will have already understood for yourself that, in fact, that in order to pursue this dream you need to have a certain head and also a certain body, because it is not exactly the lightest job in the world.
Always standing at attention and ready to take action is not something for everyone.

In fact, in order to become a lifeguard some requirements are very important :

  • Be between 16 and 55 years old
  • Knowing how to swim well , not like a professional but still knowing how to “stay afloat” is not enough
  • Be a member of the National Salvation Society
  • Have suitable psychophysical conditions certified by a doctor
  • Be in excellent shape , ready for action and endowed with good physical stamina

As for the last point, in fact, starting as a lifeguard is a perfect starting point even for those who dream of following the path to become a fitness instructor or personal trainer.

What the lifeguard does: tasks and duties

The duties of a lifeguard are enough and all require a good deal of concentration and competence, but there is also time to chat with people and make friends. In fact, becoming a lifeguard is a great choice for those who are outgoing and open to new acquaintances, but even more so for those who are shy. As for the receptionist job , in fact, you will be forced to converse and be friendly, because in a bathhouse there are many people with whom you will have to interact, so you will make an effort and then you will melt! Trust me.

Duties of the lifeguard

The duties of a lifeguard are:

  • Supervise swimmers and their water activities, making sure that no one endangers themselves or anyone else. A thousand eyes like a babysitter with crazy twins who climb on the furniture as soon as she gets distracted. Except that your children are all the bathers of a bathhouse or an entire beach.
  • Take action to prevent accidents in the water. For example if someone is being silly, he blows a whistle with his whistle that he will remember!
  • Enforce the regulation . You know when you spent that summer in that tourist village where it was written “no diving ” by the pool and everyone was diving the same? Then you tried it too and immediately received a whistle blow. Here, if you want to be a better lifeguard than the one over there, whistle at all those who do not respect the rules!
  • Helping those who are in danger or in difficulty , and it may happen that you have to do it even if it tends to happen rarely. However, you will have the right skills and will be ready to intervene with coolness and efficiency. Basically, you need the same attitude to help that the ambulance driver has , who helps those in need and collaborates in saving lives.
  • Implement first aid and resuscitation interventions. To become a lifeguard you must know the maneuvers and interventions to be implemented when there is a need.
  • Think about the maintenance of life-saving equipment and equipment. As a pastry chef takes care of his machinery, you too will have to think about the maintenance and cleaning of your equipment.
  • Maintain communication with the Port Authority : you will be their main interlocutor in dangerous situations!

Responsibility: Becoming a lifeguard is not child’s play

And therefore the lifeguard cannot get distracted or go and take a moment at the bar: the beach must be constantly kept under control, also because the swimmers are unpredictable.
You can never predict the beginning of a tragedy, and if you get distracted it may be too late.

Becoming a lifeguard is a very responsible choice! In fact, you will also be criminally and civilly liable if someone drowns for your negligence. So if I were you I would take it very seriously.
Let’s say that becoming a lifeguard is child’s job but it’s not child’s play.

And then you should really evaluate the idea of ​​being a lifeguard … Well, do you feel like facing the most negative part of this job? But how which one? The typical lifeguard tan , of course! Look, this is a big problem eh.

Where a lifeguard works

Once you have obtained your certification , you will finally be able to look for a job. But where can a lifeguard work? Well, it depends. First of all, it depends on the type of patent you have: with the P one, for example, you can only propose yourself to places with swimming pools, while with the IP to swimming pools and inland waters. Instead, with the MIP you can work anywhere, including sea beaches.

You can therefore look for a job as a lifeguard in municipal swimming pools , fitness centers , bathing establishments , hotels or SPAs with swimming pools, tourist villages and in some places you can also count on board and lodging . In short, as you can see, becoming a lifeguard allows you to work as a seasonal worker mainly in summer, but there are also job opportunities that last throughout the year. Take for example a sports hall with an indoor swimming pool: it doesn’t close in winter!

I recommend this site, Lifeguard Italy : here you will find job offers only for the lifeguard job! Perfect for choosing the location and workplace that best suits your needs. Otherwise, you can always use the usual job posting sites like Info Jobs or Indeed .

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How much does a lifeguard earn? Salary

Although his job involves great responsibilities and swimming and first aid skills, becoming a lifeguard does not pay so much economically. Surely the lifeguard salary won’t make you rich, that’s it.

In fact, the lifeguard is usually paid 6/7 euros per hour , but for a working day of about four and a half hours. The salary would therefore be around $ 1000 per month .

I know, it’s not a lot, but as for the work as a tourist entertainer if you are in a village with food, accommodation and a summer fun location, it’s not that bad. It is still € 600 clean that fits in your pocket, because you won’t have to spend anything.

However, the wages as lifeguards are not always so low: in some areas of Italy the average salary of the lifeguard is much higher than that, ranging from € 1300 to € 1500 per month .
That’s not bad, right? Definitely not, especially if you are still a student and want to start creating your own independence.

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