How a Circular Display Panel Can Benefit You

If you’re like most people, then you probably know what an LCD panel is and how it functions. But have you ever heard of circular display panels? Even though these panels are rarer than their rectangular counterparts, there are a few benefits to using circular displays that you may not have known about before. For one thing, circular displays tend to use less power than the more common LCDs do. Moreover, they can be used in more creative ways than traditional displays too, making them ideal for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and have a unique design.

Energy Efficiency

A circular display panel uses the least amount of electricity while providing the most information possible to end users. In comparison, flat screens use more electricity because they need power for each pixel that is illuminated, unlike circular displays which don’t illuminate any pixels except those needed by the current window. Â Aside from saving energy and being easier on the eyes due to its relatively softer lighting, round displays provide a larger viewing area in less space with only one image that can be viewed without having to move back and forth, avoiding neck strain. Â Panox offers multiple options for businesses looking for large-scale or point-of-sale displays. Their expertise can help you determine what size and configuration is best for your needs.

Improved Viewing Experience

Watching content on an LCD display is already a great experience, but with PanoxDisplay circular display panels you can now enjoy the best of both worlds. With its 180° viewing angle, this panel will never leave you feeling left out of the loop. When you’re surrounded by friends at home or in the office, it will always be your turn to watch or share. Plus, with a round display panel, there’s no need for multiple screens since everyone can see what you see! It’s perfect for one-on-one meetings where everyone needs to be involved or if you want to show off that social media post from last night. This screen also has endless functionality when it comes to multitasking as it allows for seamless side-by-side working and gaming.

Extended Lifespan

Screen glare is an issue that plagues all types of displays, and circular screens are no exception. PanoxDisplay has addressed this challenge by developing the Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Round Displays. This simple to install screen protector reduces glare from any angle and will help you enjoy your display from any perspective. Whether you are looking at the display head-on or from above, below, or off to the side, our anti-glare screen protector will reduce glare without distracting your view with bubbles or air pockets that may form over time.

Reduced Screen Glare

When it comes to screen glare, it can be difficult to find the perfect viewing angle. This is where the circular display panel shines. The circular display panel eliminates the need for an external light source which means the screen will always be readable and glare-free. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your eyes straining from squinting at your computer screen again! Most importantly, when you purchase one of our displays, we offer a free installation service with any purchase. That way, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy your new screen for years to come!

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