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Celtic sea salt

Why choose Celtic sea salt over Himalayan salt?

Why I choose Celtic Sea Salt over Himalayan rock salt here are the reasons why I no longer buy pink salt, based on scientific research and my body’s senses.

A few years ago, I bought and used Himalayan salt because I thought it was rich in minerals and much better than table salt. Until then, I had been using sea salt. The two salts are interchangeable and many people recommend Himalayan salt, so I thought maybe Himalayan salt is a better salt.

Then, I decided to permanently switch to Celtic Sea Salt, partly because my doctor (see here and here) told me about the problem.

I bought and used Himalayan salt a few years ago. What I had been using until then was Sea Salt. Aren’t the two salts interchangeable? Many people recommended Himalayan salt, so I thought it was better. What happened after that, and what my doctor told me, made me decide to permanently switch to Celtic Sea Salt.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt gave me a headache. When I asked my doctor about it, he just nodded as if he had expected it. I said yes and then explained it.

Himalayan salt, also known as rock salt, is mined It has been compressed for thousands of years or more. Making brine (pronounced solay) with Himalayan salt works to some extent because the salt can be soaked in the water overnight, making it easier to digest again (more on this later).

In contrast, how long has Celtic sea salt been steamed? That was a long time ago, wasn’t it? Actually, it’s still wet. Besides, our bodies are mostly water, right? Celtic salt assimilates very well in the body. Our body digests and utilizes these minerals immediately.

This is not the case with Himalayan salt, especially for sensitive people like me. Himalayan salt may contain minerals, but our bodies do not absorb all the minerals, so it is best to use good quality Celtic Wet Sea Salt.

Electrolytes in sea salt

My headaches are caused by an imbalance between sodium and water in the body (source:) The limited minerals in the salt are not absorbed, causing high sodium levels in the blood and dilating the blood vessels. (Our cells do not let water in to protect the salt ratio inside the cells unless more minerals are replenished by dissolution).

Salt also causes headaches for the same reason. Dryness and lack of minerals, which are not utilized by the body. The minerals in sea salt are needed by the body to form electrolytes and maintain proper fluid balance. The creators of Celtic sea salt stated.

Trace minerals are necessary to ensure and maintain the proper functioning of the body’s systems. If any one of them is missing, or in a reduced amount, then the connection is lost and the whole body becomes unhealthy. In other words, if any of our internal oceans lack minerals, the body will lack the bioelectric impulses and minerals that trigger the building blocks for full function or proper cell renewal.

Himalayan salt also contains more sodium than Celtic sea salt

Ironically, those who advocate the use of Himalayan salt but use it to make salt water (read more about saltwater here) experience the same truth. They are converting Himalayan salt into a form that the body can use. I myself have been using salt water for a few months and personally have not experienced any benefits. This may be due to the lower mineral content compared to Celtic Sea Salt.

Please note: Celtic Sea Salt has a much higher mineral content than Himalayan salt, ranging from 7.5 to 23%! The mineral content of Himalayan salt is around 4%!

(For magnesium, we found that “the percentage of valuable magnesium salts in natural salt varies greatly from lot to lot”). It is possible to extract two types of salt with slightly different magnesium content from the same salt field.

This article is not written to denigrate Himalayan rock salt, as most articles do not discuss the details of this Himalayan rock salt. More attention and awareness are needed around people, especially sensitive people. It’s easy to jump on the health bandwagon and tell our friends what’s healthy for them, but often we don’t have all the information.

Himalayan salt is certainly a notch above table salt. But Celtic Sea Salt is the best.

It should also be noted that, despite the many claims about the health benefits of Himalayan salt, there are no PubMed studies to support these claims.

On the other hand, sea salt has been shown to improve blood pressure and kidney health.


Another factor to consider is the “Himalayan” salt, which originates from Pakistan or higher (shallower) parts of the rock. These Himalayan salts are widespread, sometimes sold more cheaply, and contain contaminants. Fluoride contamination is the most common concern.

Several years ago I bought and used Himalayan salt. I have used sea salt. I think the two salts are interchangeable. Since Himalayan salt was recommended by many, I thought it might be better. What happened after that and what the doctor told me about the problem helped me to switch to Celtic sea salt for good.

One of the reasons why many people think Himalayan salt is better is that it is ancient and therefore less contaminated. However, the fact that it is rock salt, which is not easily absorbed, obscures this truth. As mentioned above, pink salt is not always pure. If you want to use Himalayan salt, you probably already have some in your kitchen, here’s how to make it.


And did you know? Rock salt has been found to contain more microplastics than sea salt or table salt!

Celtic sea salt Source

Celtic sea salt is harvested in Brittany, France, near the Celtic Sea, from pristine waters. The visible grey color indicates the higher mineral and clay content of the salt pools. Salt crystals clump together because they are wet.

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You can buy Celtic sea salt in large or small crystals for cooking or preparation.

Celtic sea salt is the best sea salt you can buy. (You can find it finely ground here and simply ground here. There is a good salt grinder here if you prefer to just grind).

To learn more about the uniqueness and purity of Celtic sea salt, click here:

People need healthy, pure salt from seawater that is rich in all the minerals it contains. Truly healthy sea salt consists of minerals in seawater that have been transformed by micro-organisms, algae, and plants into organic nutrients that are bio-available to marine and land animals.

Celtic sea salt is available in many health food stores. I buy here because it is the most convenient and cost-effective.

Why not buy table salt?

Cooking salt is highly refined and heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit during the manufacturing process. The refining process loses nutritional value. It contains no minerals and is composed of more than 97% sodium chloride. Up to 18 additives can be added to table salt, none of which are healthy or natural.

By avoiding table salt, we also avoid monosodium glutamate, anti-caking agents, and aluminum derivatives. Table salt has been linked to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and many other health problems.

Processed foods contain table salt. This is another reason to avoid processed foods; instead, cook real homemade foods with wholesome ingredients. There are lots of quick recipes to make! It’s easy to eat a big salad with grilled fish or grilled burgers. Take an extra 10 minutes and give your body what it needs: minerals from sea salt and real food.

Other benefits of sea salt?

Sea salt heals the body in many ways. I have written here before about salty sea air and seawater and how they helped my body heals during a holiday in the Bahamas.

Sea salt can also be used for HPA axis dysfunction, thyroid disorders, headaches, and other ailments. Here’s a book I read on the subject that might interest you.

In general, the body needs sodium to maintain the plasma volume of extracellular fluid, which ultimately affects cardiovascular health. Sodium and chloride ions play an important role in the nervous system and digestion.

Sea salt contains more minerals than any other salt. Especially in people with autoimmune diseases, salt (without excessive fluoride) helps the body burn fat and improves mitochondrial dysfunction.

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