Eros by Gianni Versace for Men

Versace Eros is a well-known men’s scent that is both hot and mature. In spite of the fact that it has a standing as a clubber aroma, we accept that the statement of notes uncovers more of a full-grown man’s fragrance. Our Versace Eros survey will take a gander at its smell, the nose behind it, and the charming publicizing efforts. It’s a scent that has a ton of adoration and it’s constantly sneaked past me, however, 2020 was the year I at long last got Versace EROS. It’s discussed a considerable amount and is somewhat generally cherished by most men. If you want more information about Eros by Gianni Versace then do this.

Versace Eros

His biopics and highlight stories keep on administering media. He’s a design symbol and legend. Furthermore, his 2012 Eros scent is a staple of his scent tries.

Aurelien Guichard assisted Eros by Gianni Versace creating quite possibly of Versace’s most well-known man’s fragrances.

Instructed at the popular Givaudan Perfumery School, Aurelien holds credits for around 150 scents. At first from Grasse, his family worked in a business exchanging roses. His dad, a perfumer himself, helped guide Aurelien to become one of the world’s first-class scent noses.

Aurelien’s Eros scent is a fragrant Fougere mix. It includes various notes, some famous, some less popular.

Eros as a scent interlaces with a Greek folklore subject. The objective of Eros is to release your internal enthusiasm.

Coincidentally, we convey Versace Eros fragrance tests for individuals who only need to try things out. Purchasing fragrance tests can be a shrewd method for supporting your wagers and setting aside cash.

What Does Versace Eros Smell Like?

The top notes are organized utilizing mint, lemon, and green apple. The center notes influence ambroxan, geranium, and tonka bean. We track down Virginian cedar, map book cedar, Madagascar vanilla, and oakmoss in the base notes.

Eros puts on a show of being a mid-year scent with minty, lively notes popping upon the principal spritz. The mint and lemon radiate an underlying enthusiasm. The base notes balance the underlying zing, developing the scent into a more experienced bid. While certain individuals feel Eros is a “clubber, carouser” scent, I passionately (or deferentially) conflict. Eros is a full-grown men’s scent. Eros keeps going for no less than 5 hours, while perhaps not longer. So that is a great life span, however, we’ve seen better out there.

Versace Eros Plugs, Promoting

Gianni Versace made a stand for himself that was both intense and imaginative. He pulled out all the stops. Every one of these turns out as expected in his amazing Versace Eros scent business, which highlights snakes, James Bond-like sex requests, faintly lit – contemporary rooms, and moxie actuating quality.

This Eros scent business is out and out hot and beat hustling. Going frankly, I don’t see the value in snakes the slightest bit so I can watch this business rarely. Yet, remove nothing from its draw. Chief Jonas Bertelsen accomplished something amazing with this piece.

The bottle

As consistently I will get going with the jug. It’s a plan I truly like. EROS has an ocean blue/green sort of variety all through the subject of this fragrance, from the container to the jug, and it’s commended by gold specifying.


The front has the Versace design alongside the brand name Medusa head, alongside the Versace EROS marking to the front. The jug shape is squared and is not difficult to hold in that frame of mind, with a decent container top likewise donning the Medusa head.

The atomizer is likewise great, and if you get a decent wide shower significance you’ll get great inclusion in a couple of splashes.

The Scent 

At the point when I first splashed the fragrance, I was hit by a great deal of mint. This was truly perceptible to me, and for an initial couple of moments, it was all I could smell. Then, at that point, it quieted down a bit, and I got more traces of vanilla. At long last following several minutes when the fragrance settles, I got a vibe of why this aroma gets a ton of praise.

It is a truly pleasant welcoming fragrance. It’s a seriously even fragrance, so is difficult to place the sort into a particular box. It’s a seriously delicate fiery and woody sort of fragrance, however, it has the new green components in there as well, alongside the somewhat rich traces of vanilla.


The enticing idea of EROS makes it a seriously fragrant style of aroma, and I can say that it’s an extremely decent aroma. It’s very young, and adult simultaneously. I would agree that practically any age can wear this, from an 18-year-old to a 40-year-old and then some, assuming the event suits.

With respect to the event, I certainly believe it’s a greater amount of a night fragrance. Whether that is a relaxed undertaking or more formal, it would work in the two settings. A night out with the chaps, a night out on the town, or something different, functions admirably.


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