Best Sites To Play Online Ludo Games When Bored – 2023

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During the pandemic, we’ve all tried to find out ways with the help of which we could pass our time without getting bored as well as stay connected to our friends, as meeting them was out of the question. One of the most common things we did was play Ludo online and compete against our friends. We could see updated social status with the results of the online game. Ludo has always been one of the most common household board games, so it was pretty natural that kids and adults would play Ludo online to get rid of their boredom.

How to Play Ludo? 

To play Ludo online, one must know the basic rules and regulations to play it. Like the board game, the online game has four teams divided according to colors. It includes red, blue, yellow, and green. Each of these colors has four tools of the respective colors with the help of which they play the game. The basic idea of the game is to bring all four of your tools back home without getting eaten by enemy colors. It has dice, and that dice decide the number of boxes we get to skip during our turn. 

Though people consider Ludo to be about having good luck, it’s also about having a sharp mind with a calculative mindset and a heart that can take risks. The member who successfully brings all four tools back to their home gets to win the match. Frequent examples depict kids avoiding their regular chores to play ludo online. Well, it is understandable because the game is quite addictive, no matter whom you are playing. The game is easy to play but gets more interesting with each round.

Best Sites to Play Online Ludo Games When Bored – 2023: 

Many sites can help play Ludo online,  but there are still some sites that you can consider to be the best. These are hassle-free, scam-free, and come with bare minimum ads. 

Thus, the best sites to play Ludo online where you will not get bored are:


  • Ludo Empire: This app is one of the best apps for Ludo gameplay. It allows you to earn money by winning the games. The reviews submitted by users have explicitly mentioned that this app helps you get rid of your boredom to earn some cash prizes. You can earn extra cash by recommending this app to friends and family.
  • PlayerzPot: Here, you can win real cash prizes with quick matchmaking. Moreover, you enjoy a high-end, SSL-secured payment option. Thus, none can scam you, and you can play without any headache. Apart from the payment security, PlayerzPot offers you Anti-fraud detection and sticks to the fair play policy. Lastly, it also has a daily deposit limit that allows you to play responsibly. No wonder, today, it has around one crore gamers who play Ludo online while having a top-notch and seamless gaming experience.
  • Ludo King: It launched as the most popular Ludo game of 2023. It has many unique features. These make the game exciting, such as voice chats, six-player game levels, quick Ludo modes, and tournaments among players. Statistics also say that it is one of the top 10 games, considering the number of times the players downloaded it. You can download this game for free from Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store, and AppGallery.
  • Ludo Fantasy: This game is not very simple, but it still is well-known among the masses. Ludo Fantasy has its own rules that the players have to follow while playing the game. In this game, players have the opportunity to earn cash prizes, but they also have to buy coins for further proceeding in the game in different directions.
  • Ludo League: Like the other mentioned apps, here, too, you can play Ludo online and earn cash. Moreover, considering the safety and security, you can say that Ludo League is a pretty secure app in India. It comes with top-class safety and security measures. Thus, it is a trusted online gaming site for many Indians, where they can earn a free cash bonus. Hence, it is no wonder why many Ludo enthusiasts consider it their first choice.

Some of these sites are also good, as it helps you to earn money while you play Ludo online. However, it is mandatory to stay alert. So that you do not get scammed while playing it. 


Therefore, we can say that even though there is no harm if we play Ludo online. But we should still be careful and cautiously select our gaming sites. Many sites use more cookies than necessary, some have unwanted caches, and some play scam people. So, this article has mentioned the websites that you can consider to be the best option to play Ludo online so that, as a player, your experience is perfect and you never have to regret choosing to play games online.

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