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Every academic setting, whether a high school or a university, uses a different method to judge a student’s aptitude (bestassignmentwriter, 2022), and English is one of those techniques. Also, continuing to learn new skills after graduation is no longer a luxury in a labor market that is changing quickly. Learning English online is one way to improve your professional and career opportunities. Because the place for English learners was always under discussion (Peregoy and Boyle, 2000).

Along with the numerous job opportunities, English proficiency raises a learner’s educational level, enables them to explore new academic fields, and may even help them change their career path. One can work with British essay writers if they get proficient in English. You can easily search for numerous online English learning programs and courses focusing on any subject you desire. 

Anyone can learn English, but practicing and learning online is frequently much simpler and more enjoyable. Learning requires patience; in the learning process, a student might get fed up, but remember, one can always ask for help like you can take an essay editing service to get your English assignment proofread. The internet has many resources available for those who wish to learn from a native and practice their English or study vocabulary.

BBC Learning English: 

A service offered by the British Broadcasting Corporation is BBC Learning English (BBC). For English learners and teachers, it provides multimedia resources and educational games. BBC Radio programs are also broadcast on it. 

Numerous sections on the service’s website let you learn English for a particular objective. There are sections for businesspeople, kids, and teachers, as well as ones for grammar, vocabulary, and proper pronunciation, among other things. You can find numerous playlists of specific educational topics on the service’s YouTube channel, all of which correspond to the website’s sections.


More than 1,000 free English language learning videos are available at EngVid, including tutorials on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, slang, common idioms, and English-speaking culture. It also provides sections on business English and content to aid in TOEFL and IELTS exam preparation. 

The variety of teachers on EngVid is its best feature. There are currently nine, each with a YouTube channel. You can choose the instructor whose style of instruction best suits you, join their channel, and follow the lessons. After watching, you can check your understanding of each video by answering a brief quiz on the website. You can divide the lessons by level on the website as well.

Learn from English dictionaries:

These are top picks for English language learners’ dictionaries and autocorrect software. 

  • Word reference: 

A hugely comprehensive online dictionary with bilingual translations into more than 15 languages as well as English definitions and synonyms (Spanish, German, French, Korean, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic, and more). A discussion thread about deeper meanings is also included. 

  • Grammarly: 

This program offers a lot more features than just autocorrect. It’s a fantastic tool that will check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity as you write professional texts. Additionally, it offers suggestions for changes and conveys the mood of your message. You can download it for free or subscribe for money to get more in-depth features. 

  • Hemingway App: 

Use this app if you write frequently and are confident that your writing is free of grammatical errors.

  • Free Collocations: 

Collocations are word groups that are frequently used in conjunction. Even though the words “do” and “make,” for instance, have similar meanings, we say “make the bed” instead of “do the bed.” We consume “fast food” rather than “quick food.” 

Merriam-Webster for English: 

It has a lot more to offer, even though the majority of users only use it as an online dictionary. The website offers features that English students would find helpful, including word games, a word of the day, and opportunities for practicing spelling. 


VisuWords is a great resource for English word definitions. The website lists words related to the original word and defines them. 

Google Translate: 

It is an excellent tool for students trying to increase their vocabulary in English because it can translate text, web pages, and documents into English. 


The best option for those looking to do good deeds while honing their English vocabulary is FreeRice. It’s a website run by the United Nations and provides a good vocabulary. One can learn from it well

Self-work on Listening English skills:

English learning is not only about reading and finding words but also about listening to and understanding them verbally. This is only possible by practicing listening. Many sites offer free listening exercises; some of them are:

  • Talaera Talks: 

Paola and Simon’s entertaining and instructive podcast will help you develop your communication skills for the workplace. You can find helpful tips on cross-cultural communication, everyday expressions, and fascinating interviews with outstanding professionals worldwide in this podcast, which is listened to in more than 150 countries. Go to the podcast’s website to access all the episodes and notes. 

  • Ted Talks:

Improve your listening skills by watching these motivational and fascinating Ted Talks. Additionally, they have transcripts you can use to practice the shadowing technique by reading them while you listen. 

  • Ted Ed: 

It is an educational website that offers lessons and videos on “ideas worth spreading.” The video is typically an animation with discussion questions and topics. 

  • Language Reactor: 

Make the most of your viewing time if you enjoy watching YouTube and Netflix. It makes it easier for you to find, comprehend, and learn from native materials. You can view dual language subtitles (the original version and the translation into your native language) with this Google Chrome extension. It also comes with a helpful pop-up dictionary.

Last words:

English is a beneficial language to learn as it is spoken by about 360 million people worldwide and is taught in more than 118 countries. Learning the English language will help you communicate effectively with people from all over the world, making traveling much more accessible and teaching you about various cultures. 

Nearly every aspect of our lives demonstrates the value of the English language. This is particularly true in business, where English is the most widely spoken language. As a result, most employers will require candidates to have a certain level of English proficiency during the hiring process. Investing in a good English language course will significantly improve your job prospects. The languages of science, mathematics, technology and tourism are all English.


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