What Is Business Coaching and What Types Are There?

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Coaching has gone from being a fad to becoming a tool used regularly in many companies like call center vista. Have you thought about incorporating business coaching into your organization? Do you want to know how it can help your company? In this article, we tell you

What is business coaching?

Business coaching is a set of techniques and efforts aimed at the human team of an organization. Its purpose is to achieve the objectives set by the company and help each participant to achieve them.

Whether it is to improve communication and relationship between work teams, provide tools to close more sales or motivation techniques, a coach offers the right options to become a better professional.

Advantages of job coaching

Do you know what the real benefits are for entities that bet on job coaching? Here we explain what the main ones are:

Increase productivity. Some studies estimate around 70% increase obtained.

Enhance the capabilities of employees.

  • Strengthen leadership.
  • Optimize collective work.
  • Solve and avoid conflicts.
  • Provide tools to improve the strategy.
  • Turn failures into impulses for growth.
  • Encourage collective help and responsibility.
  • Take advantage of the experience to grow.
  • Overcome weaknesses and threats.
  • Identify and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Drive changes.

Types of business coach

In fact, you can find a specific coach application for each activity or area of ​​the company. Thus, it is common for you to hear about:

Organizational Coaching. It focuses on the organization as a whole, for example, to prepare it for change or develop new strategies.

executive coaching. Define specific actions to change the way the group and its members act.

Sales coaching. This coaching aims to improve the marketing skills of the company, win more customers and sell more.

Job coaching. It focuses on improving working conditions, motivation and cohesion of employees.

Professional coach profile

Choosing the right business coach is essential. New Jersey business strategy coaching. For this, there are two different issues that you should consider: the method used and the training and personality of the mentor.

Depending on their approach, we can find different business coaches:

Ontological coach. It focuses, above all, on communication skills in the organization. It seeks to improve how the members express themselves and listen, as well as the emotions generated in these processes.

Systemic coach. His focus is on the impact that each individual has on the whole.

Emotional Intelligence Coach. Self-knowledge and adequate regulation of emotions are the main goals that this professional works on.

coercive coach. They are highly questioned professionals, since they use techniques of enormous impact to promote a very profound change.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach. It focuses on how the organization and its members interpret and deal with reality, in order to change inappropriate behavior.

cognitive coach. Through behavioral psychology and problem-solving training, receptive and expressive functions, learning, memory and way of thinking, both individually and collectively, are improved. It is currently the most recognized approach within business coaching.

Characteristics of the perfect organizational coach

In addition to its methodology, on a human and technical level there are also aspects that you should assess when choosing a coach for your company:

Good will and commitment. It is not just about giving more or less accurate advice. Coaching in the company requires a total identification and a genuine interest in corporate success. Achieving the goals of the organization becomes your personal goal. Empathy and bonding are paramount.

Honesty and transparency. No one is born learned and, therefore, its function is to encourage the members of the organization to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. Of course, you have to act naturally, create a climate of trust, listen a lot and communicate as equals with the people you work with.

Professionalism and qualification. Good intentions or instinct are not enough. The reference coaches have a maximum level of training and, in fact, they never finish preparing. Would you like to know what is the essential requirement that cannot be waived? Have a title issued by a center accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Experience and know-how. The professional career and the success stories in which the coach has participated are also revealing aspects to get right when hiring these professionals.

Examples of achievable goals thanks to business coaching

An entrepreneur with a consolidated medium-sized company who wants to improve his security by communicating, deciding and leading his team.

A large company that must react to the crisis with a change of focus and paradigm, which is only possible thanks to business coaching.

A professional who manages to develop her full potential and become an excellent CEO thanks to behavioral psychology and the support of her business mentor.

Without a doubt, coaching for companies opens up great possibilities for success, offers the right tools to effectively solve problems in the organization and helps professionals to reach their full potential.

Do you also want to have a coach in your company? Then, contact the experts in business coaching that you will find on our portal. Ask them for a budget without commitment and discover everything they can do for your business. Now is the time.

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