How to Choose Best Kids Cycling Gloves UK

Kids Cycling Gloves UK


We see a lot of guys riding bikes with woolen gloves. These Kids Cycling Gloves UK will feel warm at first, but as soon as they get wet or rain, or windy, they quickly lose their protection and your hands can get even colder.

Having cold hands makes cycling a miserable experience.

Even when children are riding a bicycle, it is important that their hands do not slip at crucial moments. A pair of kids cycling gloves with good grip will help them maneuver and brake easily instead of slipping and losing focus on the road.

Which kids’ cycling gloves are the best?

Kids Cycling Gloves UK is one of the things we think make a big difference in a child’s winter fun on the bike. Our motto is to ensure that more children enjoy cycling. Buying the right winter cycling gear really helps.

The gloves we stock are specifically designed for cycling, here are two pairs of Polaris kids gloves that we think are perfect for making winter cycling that much more fun.

Protection from the elements

The gloves have a smooth, wind-resistant laminated surface, so even in the worst conditions, your child will not complain of cold or wet hands.


For added comfort these gloves have a gel palm pad, you can see these gloves were designed by professional riders. The thumb also has a fleece nose, another detail that shows how well these kids’ cycling gloves are designed, you don’t want kids to have sore, cracked, and runny noses during winter riding.


Each finger has a silicone print grip so shifting is no problem and they won’t slip on the brakes. This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when choosing cycling gloves for a child or adult.


The Mini Hoolie gloves are available in 3 colors including fluorescent yellow and orange to make kids more visible on the road at sunset.

Protection from the elements

These winter gloves for kids have a fully waterproof Hipora membrane to keep hands dry. 3M Thinsulate core keeps hands warm.


The longer neoprene cuff helps keep the space between the arm and the glove out of the cold. The gloves also have a brushed lining on the inside for added warmth and comfort.


As with the Mini Hoolies, there’s a molded silicone handle to prevent children’s fingers from slipping and it’s easy to change gears.


These gloves have a reflective print on the back of the hand for added protection in low light conditions.

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Measure your baby’s arm for a perfect fit

Measure around the palm to ensure you are ordering the right size gloves for your child. Mini Hoolie Kids Gloves are available in the following sizes:

Full sizing details for our gloves can be found on the website. Both the Mini Hoolie and Mini Torrent Kids Gloves are available in four sizes.

Go for slightly bigger gloves, not smaller ones, if the gloves are too tight they won’t feel comfortable.

If you have any questions about sizing or purchasing children’s bikes and accessories, give us a call and we can help you with all of your children’s winter clothing needs.

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