Get MBBS Admission In China’s Top Medical Colleges

MBBS Admission in China

MBBS Admission In China

MBBS China is one of the best medical colleges in the world that offers 2 medical programs for aspiring doctors. The first program is called MD (Doctor of Medicine) and lasts for 3 years, while the second program is 5 years of theoretical and practical training with a 1-year internship.

There are 45 medical universities in China that are recognized by major medical organizations such as PMC, WHO, and IMED. The cost of a 5+1-year MBBS program is very affordable for Pakistani students up to $30,000 and offers first-class medical facilities.

Medical students who want to work as doctors in Pakistan must take the National Entrance Test (NEXT) after completing the MBBS program. This is a compulsory exam for obtaining a medical certificate in Pakistan. MBBS Admission in China also allows medical students to work in China, where salaries are 65% higher than in Pakistan and where quality healthcare is provided.

Below is brief information about MBBS in China for Pakistani students:

  • Salary structure available
  • First-class infrastructure
  • Required MDCAT Qualification
  • The minimum stipend of 20 lakhs
  • Minimum qualification requirements
  • Stipend up to 40,000 per annum
  • Recognized by PMC, FAIMER, and WHO.
  • Most of the medical universities in China are funded by the government.
  • Pakistan Medical Council recognizes 45 medical universities in China.
  • MBBS course duration, admission requirements, and admission procedure.

The MBBS program in China lasts 5+1 years, including one year of clinical practice. As per the Foreign Medical Licensing Act 2021, students must now complete a one-year internship in Pakistan after completing NEXT1.

Each Chinese university has its own criteria for approving applications. Medical universities recruit Pakistani students for MBBS in China based on three aspects.

Applications are considered on the basis of class 12th marks.

Applications are accepted on the basis of the 12th class percentile and MDCAT scores.

MDCAT scores will be weighted.

In order to maintain the quality of education in China, most universities give preference to students who have scored at least 65-70% in Grade 12. Only a few universities consider grades below this threshold.

A student applying to study MBBS in China must be 17 years of age or older on 31 December of the year in which he/she applies for admission.

The student must have completed Grade 12 of primary school in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English or equivalent.

A Pakistani medical student applying to study MBBS in China must pass the MDCAT examination.

MBBS Cost In China 2022

The cost of studying MBBS in China is very affordable compared to countries like UK or USA. The cost of studying MBBS in China is approximately 50% of the cost of the lowest private medical college in Pakistan.  The average cost of an MBBS program in China for the academic year 2021-2022 is 30000 RMB (where 1 RMB = 33 rupees).

S.No Name Medical College Tuition Fee/year INR

1 Jilin University 33,000 RMB/year 3,46,000 INR/year

2 Capital Medical University 50,000 RMB/year 5 25,000 INR/year

3 Yangzhou University 30,000 RMB/year 3,15,000 INR/year

4 Fudan University 75,000 RMB/year 7,87,500 INR/year

5 Guangzhou Medical University 30,000 RMB/year 3 15,000 INR/year

6 Harbin Medical University 30,000 RMB/year 3,15,000 INR/year

7 Nantong Medical University 26,000 RMB/year 2,73,000 INR/year

8 China Medical University 40,000 RMB/year 4 47,920 INR/year

9 Qingdao University 30,000 RMB/year 3,15,000 INR/year

10 Nanjing Medical University 34,000 RMB/year 3,57,000 INR/year

Cost of MBBS education for Pakistani students in China

Studying MBBS in China is an opportunity for Pakistani students. The tuition fees for the MBBS program in China are very affordable compared to countries like UK and USA. Moreover, the tuition fees for universities offering MBBS programs are about 50% of the tuition fees for the lowest private medical college in Pakistan.  The average tuition for the MBBS program in China from 2021-2022 is 30,000 yuan (where 1 yuan = 33 rupees).

The annual cost of accommodation ranges from about 4500 to 5000 RMB. These affordable accommodations are available on campus. Therefore, parents who send their children abroad do not have to worry about the safety of the students. On average, a student spends 800-900 yuan a month on food, which seems quite reasonable.

There are cheap flights between the two countries, which makes it easy for students to travel. We recommend booking your flights in advance to get relatively cheaper tickets.

Why study MBBS in China?

Medical education in China has been attracting students for many years. Many Pakistani students travel to China every year for medical education.

The country is technologically and medically advanced and offers opportunities to learn new techniques.

The PMC has recognized 45 public universities

Universities occupy high positions in world rankings

Easy admission procedure with no entrance exam

MBBS in China is affordable

Universities offer scholarships to deserving students

The cost of living is acceptable

The language of instruction is English

The MBBS program in China lasts 5+1 years (including one year of clinical practice).

An internship in China is recognized in Pakistan

A large international presence

China is a developed country and the universities have world-class facilities for their students.

Many Pakistani students already studying MBBS in China create a sense of belonging among newly arrived students.

MBBS degrees earned in China are recognized worldwide

China’s cultural diversity offers students the opportunity to learn.

Transportation links between the two countries are well developed as they are neighbors.

China is a safe country to live in.

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