Blue World City Waterfront Block vs Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City Waterfront Block

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the future real estate venture in Rawalpindi and Islamabad that I under construction presently. It is going to be a huge joint venture between Shan Jian Municipal engineering and Blue group of companies. This housing project is completely lavish and elite in nature, as it has involved several features that are normally witnessed in real estate projects of developed country. A lot of real estate experts believe that it is going to be the most innovative venture in future, which would be helpful in transforming the real estate sector of Islamabad. It has such elite sector within it premises that would give it a glimpse of some global city. A lot of construction work ins completed in this venture, and other projects are currently under construction.

Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City Sports Valley is another recent and one of the best  addition in the sectors of Blue World City. The main mission behind building such sector is to make a separate sports city, where there would be more sports related facilities. This block would be built to mesmerize the investors and residents with sporty lifestyle. There would be huge recreational center in this sector, as Blue World City Sports Valley is probably the best inclusion to the Blue World City housing society like New City Paradise. Apart from that, the housing project always has a mission to captivate investors with some world class experiences. Moreover,  Blue world city sports valley is also being made exclusively for the ones who are keen for sports and other recreational activities because the entire block would offer some world-class recreational facilities. The owners of this venture are working by their partnership and support from Chinese developers and experts. Moreover, the starting price plans specify that the investment here would be more suitable option as compared to the others. Most significantly, the instalment plan is similar to the cherry on the cake that enables prospective inhabitants to make a long-term investment opportunity.

Waterfront Block

The Blue World City being a wonderful housing project in the capital city is now brining another lavish sector, which is waterfront block. It is going to be one of the most obvious sectors in the entire housing venture. The Capital Development Authority is going to provide the NOC to this block very soon, as the negotiations between the developers and CDA representatives have been successful. This block is reserved for the inhabitant, who want to enjoy the view of some magnificent water around them. Numerous plots would be available for auctions on the basis of first comes first basis like Tab City Rawalpindi.

After achieving reasonable accomplishment in different sectors, the blue world city developers are now bringing another huge investment opportunity for real estate investors. They are going to launch a Waterfront District Block that would provide a thrilling opportunity for the residents. The entire block is going to have an exceptional infrastructure, as mentioned through the name. The entire block would be surrounded all over by the artificial lakes, along with the mountainous terrains. This new sector would be helpful in fulfilling the housing dreams of real estate investors. Some of the top class facilities of this real estate venture are mentioned below

  • Water Sports Facilities
  • Dancing and Moving Fountains
  • Floating dining spots


The Blue World City Sports Valley is one of the best addition into the development of real state in Islamabad. Furthermore, they are not only providing investment chances, but also developing outclass sceneries to fascinate the investors in making maintainable residential investments. Also, the site and the community’s features would add the best possible living opportunities to all the potential residents’ lives. Most prominently, the investment is highly inexpensive, motivating the investors to invest here easily. So, undoubtfully it will one of the top-notch residential housing venture in Pakistan. It is mandatory to have guidance before making long-term investments., and Estate Land Marketing is helping with the best investment advice. So, you can reach out their agents for more information.

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