vServer Applications – What you can do with a vServer?

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I assume you must know what is a vServer. However, let’s go through the basic definition that Google defines. As the name indicates, a virtual server exists virtually as segregation of a physical server. In this blog, we’ll also learn vServer applications.

Hence, it is a product of recreating the functionality of a dedicated server by reallocating the resources. A physical server’s partitioning into various virtual servers facilitates the users.

Users can better utilise the resources using multiple OS and applications on such a partitioned server. If one plans to reduce the server hardware, power and energy costs, high performance and reliable virtual server is the solution.

However, as far as the vServer applications are concerned, there are two main categories.

vServer expedites both personal use and professional use. The typical use cases include a mail server, shop server, code repository for the projects, development server, LAMP stack, and test server.

Furthermore, vServers are best suited for software development & testing, remote access, and web hosting in Pakistan. Let’s look deeper into the other applications and how you can benefit from them.

Multiple Website management

vServer offers a stable platform for agencies, resellers, and developers. The outstanding feature of vServers is that it promises high performance with sufficient bandwidth and low latencies.

Hence, you may operate carefree of the risk that one user’s peak loads may detriment the response times for another user. vServer hosting is known as the best hosting in Pakistan because it allows you to offer multiple customer websites, set up test environments, offer backup solutions, etc.

Furthermore, vServer applications provide a more comprehensive range of benefits by facilitating the installation of various popular applications such as shop systems;

OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, and Content Management Systems (CMS), including TYPO3 CM, WordPress, Contao, and Drupal. The attributes of vServer cannot go without mentioning the convenience it serves for the administration tools like Plesk and cPanel.

Cloud storage

Entrusting your data to a cloud operator might cost you more than it is worth for you to save and synchronise your data. Moreover, it is even sensitive for businesses that need to collect and process people’s sensitive information, such as personally identifiable data.

Therefore, self-hosted cloud storage is the only viable and legally secure option for such people. Indeed, vServer server web hosting in Pakistan makes the best affordable choice in this regard.

Email servers

The shared web hosting packages also include the mail server’s functionality. However, vServer applications also include email servers best suited for people with higher goals and demands.

It brings you sufficient storage for email campaigns as Navicosoft serves with an SMTP relay limit of 5000/day for one account. Furthermore, it offers you complete control and the facility to set up an unlimited number of mailboxes.

Therefore, choosing to get the vServer will automatically reduce the risk of ending up on a spam list.

On the other hand, when users have to share their IP address with various other users, such as in shared hosting, it is prone to hacking and hackers can use it for sending spam.

Hence, there is an ample chance of that address getting on the blacklist. Therefore, the choice of vServer with dedicated IP is all you need to be protected.

Game server

Only with the correct server can you enjoy entertainment to the fullest. Hence, good news for you! Now, vServer applications extend to the game server allowing you to set up at minimal prices.

Indeed, the justifiable prices coupled with the high performance and low latency are so satisfying. So, whether you are a pro in Terraria, Minecraft, Counter-strike, or retro games, all you have to do is get your hardware equipment for playing, saving yourself the procurement.

vServer ranks as the best hosting in Pakistan, even as a game server, because it offers complete control, such as you can manage the number of players and the mods of your choice.

Furthermore, you will be able to get any software or application that helps the players exchange information. Exciting right?


All the uses, as mentioned earlier, of a vServer are possible only because it offers an ultimate level of security. Liquid web indicates that the sites can optimise the security settings owing to the exclusive ServerSecure protection that fully managed Linux and Windows servers offer.

Indeed, the wide-ranged vServer application is attributed to the level of security it provides. Furthermore, it is always best to choose the package that includes backup copies, up-to-date security software, and version control options.

Virtualisation technology

Most applications are easy to use on the vServer, albeit the resources are sufficient. However, there may be some limitations to the vServer applications depending upon the virtualisation technology used to segregate a dedicated server.

For example, in the case of container virtualisation, all the containers share the kernel of the hosting OS. Hence, no custom kernel will be possible to compile on this VPS, and its drivers & own solution, such as Docker, cannot be loaded.

However, with hypervisor virtualisation or full virtualisation, there are no significant restrictions. Indeed, it is the most attractive thing about vServers for developers who particularly like Docker.

It helps create isolated applications and provides them with ready-to-use Docker compartments. Hence, it facilitates the application set-up, replacing it with a newer version, deletion, or even porting to other systems.

Indeed, a server with Docker implies better wide range vServer applications allowing better utilisation of system resources.

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