Why Is Mindfulness Important For Students And How To Implement It? 

Whatever school you attend, we can all agree it is challenging. Almost everyone has to juggle between studies, courses, practice, preparation, tests, exams, etc. The process can become daunting after some years, affecting mental and physical health. Hence, students are to remain healthy to see this expectation through. Mindfulness activities are one way to overcome this negative outcome on health.  

Mindfulness is the practice of taking a break in life to reflect and remain calm. It’s an act of sensitizing your feelings, thoughts, and actions. This pause and reflection can boost energy levels and reduce stress 

While implementing mindful behavior as a student is easy, it requires a few moments of practice. The following part lists the benefits and how to start a mindful routine as a student.   
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Mindfulness in Schools 

Many studies researched the benefits of smiling mindfulness in school programs. The public university–Deakin University, and InsightSRC conducted a test on 12 schools, 1,853 students, and 104 teachers to assess the benefits. The results showed that mindfulness could help with 

  • Mental problems 
  • Distractions 
  • Emotional risk 
  • Childhood problems 
  • Social engagement 
  • Reduce anxiety 

What’s Behind Mindfulness? 

Hippocampus, amygdala, and cortex are linked hormones in the brain that communicate to profuse a response to actions perceived as dangerous, including anger and fear. These feelings trigger hormones to respond immediately, invoking fight, flight, or freeze.  

However, having control over the prefrontal cortex can help you make a conscious decision and give time to think. Activities like professional mindfulness counseling can help you activate the cortex to help manage behavior and make informed decisions.


How do Mindfulness Techniques work? 

The amygdala is programmed to protect people, but it can mistake an action for a threat at times. The response stops the hippocampus responsible for storing memories from functioning. The prefrontal cortexes step in to collect information from both the hormones to decide on what to do. However, the entire memory will stop working if the prefrontal cortex cannot make a decision. Mindfulness is the only way to create time to think, avoid shutting down and make good decisions. 

As students, one can implement mindfulness in numerous ways. 


Mindfulness Through Breath 

Stress and anxiety are the primary cause of most disorders. These conditions reduce the level of air that the lung gets. However, with deep breathing, one can induce calmness of mind and body. The steps to practice mindful breathing are straightforward and are as follows. 

  • Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly 
  • Close your eyes if you wish 
  • Ensure you’re feeling the rise and fall of your breath 
  • Count to three as you deeply inhale 
  • Repeat the process as you exhale 

Start the practice by yourself, or you can ask for help. You can try to inflate your belly like a balloon or use a device like the Hoberman Sphere to visualize your breath. Students can perform this action whenever and wherever they like, such as before the test, during preparation, and in stressful situations. 


Mindfulness Through Sensory Experiences 

Another way to focus and relax as a student is via sensory experiences. You can listen to music or a calming sound from the surroundings. You can head outside to listen to the rewarding sound of nature.  

Besides, students can incorporate a game that involves creating a mind jar. In the play, you try to identify different smells like cinnamon, cheese, popcorn, or flowers stored in jars. The exercise focuses on your sense of smell.  

You can also improve your sense of touch by using different objects like sponges and balls and identifying them while keeping your eyes closed. Imagery play is also encouraged for sensory mindfulness via sensory experiences.  


Mindfulness Through Guided Imagery 

Guided imagery helps develop learning through knowledge. You can close your eyes and have an imaginary journey.  

For instance, if you like the ocean, imagine having a trip under the water and seeing fishes, animals, plants, and rocks. Those that love space can have a similar imagination. To get a better experience, conclude the technique with the deep breath conscious act. These activities are known to be relaxing and re-energizing.  


The Positive Effects of Mindfulness in the Classroom 

Mindfulness has been observed to be beneficial for students as well as teachers.  

Alleviate Stress and Anxiety 


Mindfulness goes beyond surviving, and research has proven that it alleviates stress and anxiety in students. The act also develops resilience and emotional control in students. The nervous system is the center of stress and toxicity, which can only be reached by techniques that target the system.  

However, practice is needed to achieve this, especially when one experiences fight, flight, and freeze. Expert educators recommend practicing mindfulness in classrooms and in our daily lives.

Elevate Focus 

Mindfulness can elevate attention and interpersonal interactions while strengthening compassion. One educational goal should be to help students calm their nervous system through mindfulness. The action helps them cooperate, play, and work together. It also helps them thrive after leaving school in the hustling world.  

Mindfulness counseling is also advisable for students to get a chance to speak and hear different thoughts.


Starting a mindfulness routine can be a sluggish journey and time-consuming; however, the benefits should be your motivating force. The technique can help you sail through difficult times and improve your focus and attention. While the mentioned suggestions are the most beneficial ones, try researching other techniques to implement depending on your lifestyle. 

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