Checklist Before You Leave For A Road Trip

Think of adventure and there’s nothing more inviting than a road trip. Long road trips are forever enjoyable, especially with a group of friends or family members. Pets add an exciting element to a road journey. There are a lot of items to plan and pack before you turn your car keys on. You also need to get the weather updates, book a motel, and make your 4X4 gas refilled for the long journey ahead. 

A car breakdown is a common thing that may happen on highways. One can’t neglect minor health problems that may spring up mid-way. Keeping petty cash for on-road refreshments and emergencies is also essential. A checklist is elementary before leaving for the road. Here are a few items to remember for a hassle-free and pleasurable road trip.   

1. Pay Attention To Luggage Essentials

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A road trip with buddies and workmates has its moments of fun. To double the excitement, pay attention to carting basic luggage items in your vehicle. If you are going by Nissan Navara, you can install Nissan Navara roof racks to carry extra luggage or a sand surfer if you are an adventure sport lover. 
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Pack a few shoulder bags in your SUV to put clothing and other essential items for the road journey. For pet companions, keep provision for a pet carrier, hydration, and solid food. Avoid carrying excess luggage for better baggage management.  

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2. Think Route Navigation Tools

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Before starting the road trip, consider the terrain and topography of the place and troublesome road conditions, if any. It is wise to plan the route on Google Maps and travel apps before starting. 

Choose alternative routes for your road trip if you suspect rain, thunderstorm, or traffic congestion. Check travel blogs that are helpful resources for trip itineraries, road trip routes, and first-hand experiences from travel-savvy.  

3. Inspect Your Car’s Battery

Supposing you are going on a long road trip. Prioritize your car battery check. Find out the battery’s expiry date. Consider battery replacement if it is over three years old. Also, ensure the car battery’s electrical charging system is functioning correctly. Remember battery’s overcharging or undercharging can damage the battery life. 

A corroding or dying car battery is an alarm signal. Clean the chalky white stuff on the battery and then proceed with driving. 

4. Check The Car Tyres

When checking your car before the road trip, find out the tires’ pressure and tread factor. Ensure the tires are not under or over-inflated as they can cause premature wear, bumpy ride, overheating, or a blowout. 

If you notice uneven wear on your car tires, consider tire rotation or alignment before commencing your trip. Go to a local mechanic or tire retailer for car tire inspection and corrective action.  

5. Look Into Headlights, Wiper And Cooling System  

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Highway travel without proper functioning headlights and taillights is risky for road driving. Check the condition of lights and wipers for day driving, night driving, and early morning hours. Remove old or worn-out wiper blades for clear road visibility in rainfall, fog, precipitation, etc. 

Analyze the car interior lighting accessories, and change if a baby or pet is on board. Also, check your car’s horn and air-conditioning system and get them serviced by a mechanic if you are traveling in warm weather.   

6. Test The Brakes

Squealing noises from your car’s brakes show worn brake pads. If your car’s brakes are making such odd noises, have them professionally inspected before you hit the road. Check the brake level fluid. If the brake pedal feels spongy on the press, it means low brake fluid. 

Verify the brake fluid level before starting for a short and long-distance road trip. Top it off, if needed. Adjust loose steering, damaged shocks, and suspension as they can convert the journey into a bumpy ride.   

7. Carry A Car Organizer

A business organizer helps you plan out your appointments and increases your daily efficiency. Similarly, a car organizer at the back of the front seat enables you to make the most of your road journey. Take along essential and miscellaneous items like sunglasses, water bottles, tissues and wipes, dry fruits, and snacks. Keep a separate folder for your car’s license, insurance papers, and other necessary car documents.  

Stock your car back seat with a car charger, colorful embroidery, play games, deodorant, pillbox, and other essentials to help you look after your road journey needs.   

8. Book Highway Accommodation

Whether peak season or off-season, room booking in highway hotels/motels isn’t easy, there can be a last-minute rush in your preferred homestay or resort. Make your room bookings a few weeks in advance to avoid the hassle. Inform your family and friends about your trip route and keep informing them about your whereabouts.  

Check with your resort on pet accommodation rules. Also, mention your meal preferences. Find hidden charges for room service, laundry, late-night service, and other miscellaneous items.  

The Bottom Line 

Consider your car’s condition and assess your driving potential before planning a road trip. When driving on the road or highway, pack in an emergency kit with components like flashlights, a first-aid box, warm blankets, water, and jumper cables for emergency needs. 

Carry a spare tire/inflated Stepney and essential toolkits to avoid a flat tire mishap on the road. Wear your work gloves to prevent the tire grime from spoiling your hands. Avoid nervousness for a memorable road trip. 




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