Get The Look: Moroccan Interior Design

The elegance of Moroccan style can be incorporated into any home to create a rich and bold interior. The diverse cultural and religious influences on Moroccan inspired decor make this iconic aesthetic an ideal way to bring tradition back into your modern lifestyle.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing a few of our favourite home hacks from the world of Moroccan interior design. From colours and textures to accessories, we’ll talk you through how to recreate this luxurious and unique style in your own home design project.

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Be bold with colour

Traditional Moroccan design embraces highly contrasting colours, so brave a bold colour scheme against a neutral backdrop. Rich reds, oranges, greens and blues reflect the luxurious and vibrant nature of Morocco’s culture. Enhance neutral background shades with an abundance of colour; decorate the entire room with carved, dark wooden furnishings, patterned cushion covers and plush upholstered furniture.

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See tiling as an art

Tiles may be a practical design solution for your home, but they’re also a pivotal part of Moroccan decor. The geometric patterns created by Moroccan Tile will accent the features of your room, adding to the lavish design. Moroccan wall tiles can be used to create a feature wall – or an intricate tiling pattern can be applied to door and window frames.

Why not turn a functional floor into art by creating mosaics? Make your own mosaic design by purchasing different tiles which complement one another, or buy ready-made mosaic tiles to save yourself some time! Moorish tiles will complement the interior wherever they’re put, but Moroccan kitchen tiles may be more suitable for the central hub of the house.

Bring your bathroom to life

Continue your Moroccan theme throughout the house by incorporating mosaics and geometric Moroccan bathroom tiles into your washroom. Tiled walls and floors are always a sensible option for this room, and adding a lavish Moroccan mirror could be just the thing to complete the look. You can find mirrors with mosaic surrounds in many homeware boutiques, or try your hand at making your own with Moroccan-style tiles.

Take a look at textiles

Moroccan fabrics are a key feature of Moorish style. Whether the textiles you use are authentic or a reproduction, they’re a must-have when it comes to traditionally Moroccan home decor. Visit a Moroccan market or your local fabric store to pick up gauzy textiles, and bold and intricately patterned fabrics. Your room will be transformed into a Moroccan paradise, simply by draping the material across walls and furniture. Using these textiles as covers for poufs and dining chairs offers an inexpensive solution to recreating authentic Moroccan upholstery.

Accessorize everywhere

Moroccan decor demands a wealth of luxurious accessories. Intricately designed brass or copper lanterns distinguish Moroccan design from other styles, and can be used to create an overhead focal point. A Moroccan rug may be a hefty investment but, to keep costs to a minimum, it’s possible to recreate authentic designs at home. All you’ll need is a plain rug, tape and colourful paint – as well as an eye for abstract patterns.

Fitting in with Modernity

Do not worry about these vibrant tiles not finding a place in your modern home filled with neutral colors and a sophisticated aura. Moroccan style tiles look lovely in contemporary kitchens and dining rooms where they can create an instant focal point without ever trying too hard. Even if you wish to introduce other colors in the room over time, these tiles areas will come in pretty handy and they can be used to add to the appeal of the accent color. Make sure though that you pick a color that is flexible when it comes to modern styles. Tiles in blue or even lighter shades of yellow are perfect indeed!

An Element of Contrast

In an all-white of gray setting, a smart section covered with Moroccan tiles can make a big impact indeed. Just take a look at the ideas below and you will realize that these tiles allow you to create a gorgeous focal point without ever forcing you to go over the top. Be it at the end of a long corridor, around the fireplace or even as an improvised window trim, Moroccan styled tiles turn up the brilliance of a room with ease.

Mediterranean Magic Unleashed!

It is hard to move away from Mediterranean style when we are talking about Moroccan tiles and if you are thinking of adding a bit of Mediterranean charm to your modern home, they are a trendy option indeed. Instead of the more expensive and extensive options like textured walls or a complete paintjob, think about adding a small section of Moroccan tile covered magic to quickly and easily usher in Mediterranean panache. In the spa-styled modern bathroom or even the smart contemporary kitchen, this is an idea that is bound to win hearts and create a whole new ambiance.

Pattern without Color

Moroccan style tiles in their more modern avatars can offer much more than just color. Coming in white, gray and other light hues, they allow you to easily bring pattern indoors without filling the room with any color whatsoever. Yes, they are a touch more expensive than your more normal tile options and do tend to demand a bit more care. But the extra effort is well worth it all once you see the radiance that they provide.

Finding the Best Option

A tiled section need not be limited to a specific area like the backsplash of your kitchen or a small wall in the bedroom. Get creative and use these gorgeous tiles to delineate space in the open plan living area. Maybe you can use them for the floor of your all-white bathroom to give it a whole new look or even fashion a smart accent wall in the dining area that is unlike anything else. It is time to play with tile!

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